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BIOSANITIZER Ecochip Features, honoured by Bry-Air Award

Bhawalkar Vermitech Pvt. Ltd.



  • BIOSANITIZER Ecochip offers a novel remedy to the challenge of desalination and tackles the TDS build up problems like Scaling, corrosion bio fouling, etc in water circuit, by converting salts into resources.
  • The Ecochip is actually 'ecology on a chip'. 100 mg of BIOSANITIZER ecochip has the same capability as one acre of natural forest, of using inorganic nutrients(salts) and CO2 as food and produce eco resources.


  • Developed through 36 years of research 'in collaboration with Nature'.
  • TDS build-up problems such as scaling, corrosion, bio-fouling, algal growth and growth of hazardous legionella bacteria, are solved because these are due to nitrates.
  • At low nitrates, bad salts also become good salts and these can trap greenhouse gases, to produce resources. Water becomes useful for cooling towers, irrigation and for fire-fighting.
Applications of BIOSANITIZER Ecochips are:
  • Treatment of groundwater, including saline and brackish water
  • Treatment of seawater (90%) and organic wastewater (10%) to get water for agriculture, percolation into a shallow well gives desalinated sweet water. Here, salts are utilized as plant nutritients.
  • Effective water/wastewater treatment with total recycle, no production of toxic sludge or greenhouse gases
  • TDS management in cooling towers, without blowdown.










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