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Ganga is talked about because of special status this divine river has been granted ever since Bhagirath brought Ganga on the earth and revived dead bodies of 1,000 sons of King Sagar, at GangaSagar (place where Ganga meets the sea).

We cannot clean Ganga to original level unless we understand science of GangaJal and why Ganga had highest power near the sea.

This question was chased by Dr Uday Bhawalkar for 36 years.

Science of GangaJal has been cracked and can now be used to clean all the water bodies (rivers, lakes, seas and grounwater) to GangaJal standard. There will be an issue of standards because no current bottled or tap water can satisfy old GangaJal standards. But Bio sanitizer Ecochips can achieve them.

Recently, we have demonstrated that sea water can use its salts to climb against gravity and present as GangaJal at high level groundwater. Rajapur Ganga(near Jaitapur in Maharashtra) that used to flow only few days every 3 years, is flowing round the year, since last 2 years.

One can clean all water bodies in just 1 year by placing BioSanitizer in each well, bore well, pond, lake and origin of each river and in any wastewater generated by colonies or industries.

Investment is 1/2 of any other technology and there are no recurring costs. Also there is no production of any other concentrated or more hazardous waste streams.

We should be paid remaining investment (saved because of this technology) to educate other scientists and students in schools and colleges, also common man.

The website www.wastetohealth.com has technical papers and popular articles in Marathi and English. There are video links. DST, the highest technical body of India, had produced a video on BioSanitizer and screened it on DD National network several times.

The above scheme requires no construction of ETPs, saving their cost and delay. More pollution load gets created in the delay period and water bodies continue to be polluted.

Above scheme also provides drinking water of Amrut quality to all and also reduces input cost in agriculture and solves pathogens/pest issues in agriculture and sanitation sector. Toxic chemical residues also get cracked, thus producing healthy (health-giving) food.

We will be pleased to give more details on request.

Dr Uday Bhawalkar








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