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This eco-logic is for all people who intuitively always thought that the nature is well designed but wanted someone to say it scientifically and powerfully.



Dr. Bhawalkar defines Eco-Logic as:

  • Every organism has a role.

  • Body structure and function is to facilitate its role.

  • Population of each organism is controlled by the task before the organism.

  • Organisms could be divided into two categories :
                        - resource converters (K-selected )
                        - waste controllers (r-selected).

  • K-selected organisms are hidden, quiet or pleasant, whereas the r-selected organisms are visible, highly mobile or unpleasant in their behaviour.

  • Pollution is an indication of waste of resources. Pollution controllers (r-selected organisms) cause human suffering, to variable extent, to draw   our attention to the waste and appeal for the preventive action.

  • The smaller the organism, the more productive it is.

  • Predator culls its prey selectively to remove defective young and ineffective old, thus increasing productivity of the prey.

  • Each niche (function station) has one organism with specific function and specific food. If two organisms try to occupy the same niche, the more effective one gets selected.

  • Successful breeding is an indication that the organism is playing its role effectively.

  • Ecosystems are self-designed and self-improving. They are self-controlled, aimed at resource conservation and sustainability. Each organism gives an additional capability to the ecosystem. Biodiversity, thus, improves the ecosystem performance.

  • Mother Earth behaves as a self-controlled ecosystem. Even the abiotic components, such as lightening, storms, tornadoes, floods, droughts, global warming, ozone layer depletion, forest fires, earthquakes and volcanoes are corrective in action and contribute to the stability. These unpleasant phenomena could be managed best by going to their root cause: the waste of resources by man.









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