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Taj Madurai

Dear Sir,

Let me congratulate you for successfully running the most eco-friendly wastewater treatment unit, at Taj Gardens Retreat, Madurai, for the past 7 years. It has worked well with no help from me, the technology provider. I was recently there and was happy to note the performance details from the chief engineer, Mr Karuppiah. He has understood the ecological technology so well and thus, could run it all these years.

The technology is called the BIOSANITIZER TECHNOLOGY, I am pleased to attach my latest paper at the International Ecosanitation Conference that was recently held in Mumbai. It uses no recurring expenses and produces no side streams(such as sludge or CO2) that continue to pollute soil, water or air. Pollution is not separated or destroyed, it is only converted into resources, using Nature's time-tested methods. The output water, thus, is not only clean, it also is a resource for gardening, cleaning and spraying, because of its rich oxygen content.

The technology has been created at the world-famous IIT Bombay, I received my PhD in chemical engineering for this work, in 1997. IIT Bombay has Indian and US patent on the technology, along with me. The technology has gone through many refinements during the past 10 years. You, thus, have used a 97 version, I now have a version called BIOSANITIZER 6.0 in 2006, that gives more refined results at higher speed, and less cost to the user.

Recently, the UNEP had invited us to showcase the technology in the ESTSHOWCASE( that is, Environmentally Sound Technologies Showcase) Exhibition that was recently held at Dubai. We have also been invited by the UAE president to set up a pilot project to use the seawater for irrigation, without actually removing the salts. Salts, thus, become eco-friendly, just as Nature produces coconut water from the seawater. I am attaching my latest pamphlet that was used at Dubai.

The technology is picking up internationally, it already has gone to Kenya, Sri Lanka, UAE, Malawi, West Indies, Europe, USA and Canada. I sincerely wish to acknowledge the positive steps shown by the eco-visionary parties such as the Taj Group of Hotels. I would not have come to this stage without the positive confidence you have put in Indian R&D efforts.

Let us take this technology worldwide, with full speed. Let the Taj Hotels be the sites of ecotourism, we can plan regular conferences to show how Nature wants us to treat and use the wastewater creatively.

India is ahead of technologically advanced countries, at least in this field. Let us march ahead jointly.

I look forward to meet you personally in Mumbai. March 6, 9 or 10 are the convenient dates for me. Please let me know your convenience.

Yours eco-friendly,

Dr Uday Bhawalkar(Mobile 093 7373 3939)


Bhawalkar Ecological Research Institute (BERI)
A1, Padma Park, Pune 411 009




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