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I have developed the following model:

  • We need food with proteins. Protein needs are for building the body and are high for the growing children. We need less proteins as we stop growing.
  • We need to get higher calories and higher proteins if the food has nitrates, nitrites and other non-protein-nitrogen(NPN) compounds. This method is costly and cannot be used when the nitrate intake goes up beyond a point. Proteins also come often with an additional load of NPN.
  • NPN affect our creativity. Our behaviour gets seriously affected due to NPN. All the problems with sex,crime and violence are due to NPN entering our bodies through polluted food, water and air.
  • Pathogens that cause diseases(inclusive of viruses) and pests(that suck our blood, for example), are the fire-fighters that detect, warn and correct our NPN. They are unpleasant only to warn us. Body illnesses keep us at home/hospitals and thus protect the society from our disturbed behaviour.
  • Fighting with the disease symptoms and the causative pathogens allows the disturbed people to cause damage to the society and to the environment. NPN levels can rise and a new disease surfaces. Most of the emerging diseases have no cures today because the fire-fighters(the pathogens) mutate and cause the drugs obsolete.
  • Increasing NOx levels in the air, due to increased combustion and incineration activities by man, and use of chemical fertilisers with N are the chief causes of NPN pollution of water, soil,food and man.
  • Food spoilage is due to NPN and is the cause of increasing waste production.
  • Litter respiration increases due to NPN in the organics and this is a loss for the soil. The need for composting and vermicomposting arises due to NPN in organics. Pollution due to sewage and other wastewaters is also due to the NPN. NPN can be best managed with ecological methods, than by the conventional wasteful methods.
  • Vermiculture is a process of producing food without the NPN problems. It is the basis for creative thinking and culture. Historically, regions that had healthy agriculture allowed the culture and human progress.
  • AIDS, cancer and other problems are due to NPN. There are several websites on this, chief being http://www.virusmyth.com

This model was developed with the tools of Eco-Logic during my six visits to the USA during 1994-1996 and I am grateful to all of my American friends for their valuable time and creative discussions that helped a lot in this task

Dr. Uday Bhawalkar









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